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Collaboration with Infomedics
In our practice, we are dedicated to providing you with all the attention and quality care you deserve. Therefore, we have entrusted the billing and collection of our invoices to Infomedics. Infomedics is a professional and reliable company specialized in this field. In most cases, an invoice is initially submitted to your health insurer by them. You will then only receive a (remaining) bill for the costs not covered by your health insurer.

What’s on your healthcare bill?
Your bill is composed of the procedures we have performed during your treatment. Each procedure corresponds to a fixed rate set by the Dutch Healthcare Authority.

Explore the various rates for dental care.

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Digital billing and invoicing

If we have your mobile phone number and email address on record, you can also receive your bill digitally from now on. Would you like to take advantage of this option? Please let us know during your next visit. On the Infomedics website, you can create an account where you can view all your invoices and personal information in one place.

Payment scheme and paying on time.

Famed’s payment term is 30 days. If you will not be able to pay on time, contact Famed as soon as possible on 0900-0885 (€0.15 per minute) or go to Infomedics. They can help you to set up a payment scheme. You can use the contact details above to request a payment scheme and obtain information about the conditions.

If you have a question about your invoice, have a look at our frequently asked questions here If you cannot find the answer to your question, contact Famed on telephone number 0900-0885 (€0.15 per minute).

Requesting Payment Plans

If, unfortunately, you’re unable to pay your bill on time, Infomedics offers you the option to set up a payment plan. For requesting a payment plan and information about the terms, you can contact Infomedics at phone number 036-2031900 or visit the webiste.

Questions about Your Invoice?

Do you have questions about your invoice? Many answers can already be found here. If your question isn’t addressed, please get in touch with Infomedics at phone number 036-2031900 or visit the Infomedics website.