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Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen

Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen is your dental practice for all general and specialist dental treatments in Amsterdam West. We are here to help you keep your teeth healthy and radiant and prevent dental problems. Our experienced team of dentists, assistants, dental hygienists and specialists pays a great deal of attention to preventive dentistry. This is how we keep your teeth in excellent condition.

  • We can provide emergency treatments during opening hours
  • A team of experienced specialists with an Independer rating of 8.7
  • No waiting list for new patients
  • Dental hygiene treatment even if you are not a patient
  • Both English-speaking and Arabic-speaking dentists

I have been a patient at this dental practice in Amsterdam West for more than 10 years and am very satisfied with the staff quality, service-oriented approach and competence.

Make an appointment

If you would like to make an appointment for a periodic check-up or one of our other dental treatments, we will be pleased to schedule an appointment for you at short notice.

Call 020 618 0074

New patients

Our dental practice in Amsterdam West does not have a waiting list for accepting new patients. You can schedule your first consultation as soon as you complete our registration form. At this initial appointment you will meet your new dentist and become acquainted with the way we work at the practice. We will examine your mouth in order to determine the condition of your teeth and we will discuss your wishes. Because of this, the first appointment takes longer on average than the periodic dental check-ups.

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Urgent dental treatment

We can always provide urgent dental treatment during opening hours. Contact our emergency dentist if you have any problems after a dental treatment or if you experience severe acute pain. If you have any doubts as to whether your complaints require urgent treatment, call us to discuss the problem with one of our assistants.

Call the emergency number

Our dentists

Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen is a genuine group practice located on Jan van Galenstraat 171 in Amsterdam West. Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen provides general dentistry, restorative dentistry, root canal dentistry, veneers, crowns and bridges and more. The following dentists work at Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen: Jan van der Waals,  Leire Gomez, Maryam Afrian, Mark Olijslagers, Sara Lopez, Saeed Tekko, Nikica Vale, Yaser Almohamad en Catia Mahilha.

Dental Rates Amsterdam

The costs for dental treatments are determined annually nationally by the Dutch Healthcare Authority. View our rates page for the most recent dental rates and read more about the fees and payments.