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Fear of the dentist.

Do you find it scary to visit the dentist? No worries, Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen in Amsterdam-West has extensive experience in treating anxious clients. We listen, make you feel comfortable, and take all the time necessary to examine and treat your teeth. We understand your fear and accommodate your preferences, so that together we can overcome the fear of the dentist step by step. All of this at your own pace.

  • Clear communication before, during, and after the treatment.
  • Step by step towards a fear-free treatment.
  • Professional and experienced dentists.
  • Computer-assisted anesthesia possible

I was so afraid of the dentist that I never really went. Until someone recommended Jan van Galen Dental Practice to me. Now, I visit the dentist regularly and I notice that my fear is gradually diminishing with each small step. – Nicole S. from Amsterdam West

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Cause of dental anxiety.

Being afraid of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. Dental anxiety affects nearly one million people in the Netherlands, both adults and children. Fear of the dentist can stem from a previous negative experience or be related to specific fears of pain, needles, or losing control. Dental anxiety can also be inherited from parents who are anxious about dental visits. Building trust and having a positive experience at the dentist’s can help reduce this fear.

Regular check-ups for dental anxiety.

Maintaining the health of your teeth requires regular visits to the dentist. Anxiety can sometimes lead to avoiding the dentist for an extended period, which may worsen your dental issues. This, in turn, makes the prospect of visiting the dentist even more challenging. By undergoing regular check-ups, we consistently monitor the health of your teeth, provide necessary treatments, and reduce the likelihood of needing more extensive interventions.

Tips for dental anxiety

Fear of the dentist can be very annoying. We provide tips to help you reduce anxiety.

  • In fearful situations, trust is crucial. Visit a dentist you trust, get to know each other, and discuss your anxiety before proceeding with the treatment.
  • Talking to others about your dental anxiety and positive dental visits can help reduce anxiety.
  • Before your appointment with the dentist, carefully consider what you do and do not feel comfortable with, and write it down. This way, you can ensure that you discuss all your preferences despite feeling nervous.
  • Do relaxation exercises before you have a dentist appointment.
  • Take someone you trust with you to the consultation.

Treatment for dental anxiety

With an anxiety treatment, we have extra time and attention for you, so that the treatment is as comfortable as possible for you. Clear communication is important to us. We discuss your wishes, fears and complaints in advance, so that we can take this into account during the treatment. Prior to and during the entire process, we clearly indicate which steps we are taking, so that you are always informed. The first appointments consist of the following steps:

Step 1: Meeting with the dentist

After you have made an appointment, you will come by for an introductory meeting. You meet the dentist and discuss your wishes, fears and complaints. You will be given a tour of the practice and the dentist will take X-rays of your teeth. He explains the available treatments and options and draws up a personal treatment plan with you. There is no treatment yet, unless you suffer from acute complaints.

Step 2: The treatment

If you feel comfortable enough, we will start the treatment during the second consultation. It is important that you feel comfortable and that there is mutual trust. We understand that you have anxiety and therefore take this into account during the treatment: we clearly explain what we are doing, we take sufficient breaks and monitor your physical condition. You indicate when you need a break, so that you remain in control during the treatment.

Step 3: Aftercare and follow-up

After the first treatment, the dentist will discuss the follow-up process with you. This trajectory is not only aimed at good oral health, but also at reducing anxiety. This is how we help you step by step to healthy teeth and overcome dental fear.


Thanks to modern techniques, we can now perform almost every treatment completely painless. During the treatment, the dentist will give you a small injection at the site of the procedure to give you anesthesia, for example when filling a cavity or extracting a tooth. In this way, the treatment is completely painless.


For young people up to the age of 18, the periodic check-up at the dentist is reimbursed by most health insurers. From the age of 18, health insurers do not reimburse dental costs under the basic insurance. Depending on your insurance policy and health insurer, the costs will be reimbursed under supplementary dental insurance. Contact your health insurer for more information about reimbursement of the treatment.

The Wand: computer-assisted anesthesia

Dental practice Jan van Galen works with one of the latest techniques in the field of anesthesia: computer-assisted anaesthesia. By using The Wand for anesthesia, you will hardly notice the treatment. This method of anesthesia is many times more comfortable, efficient and causes less anxiety. After the treatment you will also not suffer from a numb face. During the first consultation, the dentist will discuss the options with you and explain the anesthetic technique in more detail.

Veelgestelde vragen

Can I come to you with my fear of dentists?

When registering, indicate that you are anxious and usually dread going to the dentist. We take this into account and first schedule an intake appointment with one of our dentists. This way you can take a look at our practice and discuss your wishes and fears. We only start treatment when you are ready.

It is very nice that the dentist really takes the time for you and you can indicate yourself if the dentist has to stop the treatment for a while. This put me in control, which was very nice. – C. de Bakkenist from Bos en Lommer

Tandarts in Amsterdam West

The dentist at Jan van Galen Dental Practice does everything possible to help you overcome your dental anxiety. We take our time with you and guide the treatment in a calm and comfortable manner. So, schedule an appointment at our practice in Amsterdam West. We are located at Jan van Galenstraat 171. There are often ample parking spaces in front of the practice. However, please note that there is a parking fee of €4.50 per hour (municipal rate). The practice is also conveniently accessible by public transportation from Amsterdam Central (tram 13 and bus 18), Sloterdijk station (tram 12 and bus 15), and Amsterdam Zuid station (bus 15).

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Register as a client at Tandartspraktijk Jan van Galen and we will do everything we can to reassure you during the dental treatment and the entire process surrounding it. Make an appointment for a no-obligation introductory meeting. Call 020 618 0074 or click on one of the buttons below.

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